About Us

PALS Haven - A Safe Place for Companion Animals

Cat Playroom

The PALS Haven Dream Becomes a Reality

In June of 2021, after a decade of planning, fundraising, and construction, our dream of operating a large scale, modern, state-of-the-art rescue facility, became a reality!

PALS Haven is located on 2-acres of land just off Sargent Rd. and Ray Rd. in Lodi, California. The rescue facility totals 13,000sq ft, consisting of a main building that houses viewing rooms, cattery, free roam cat room, medical isolation units for cats, and dogs, a grooming room, and, coming soon, an in-house vet clinic; the second building houses the kennels for our big dogs, as well as a smaller kennel section for our senior and small dogs. PALS Haven has a total of 14 outdoor dog yards, including 3 large grass yards, and 4 astroturf meet and greet yards, so all of our dogs get plenty of time outside, throughout the day.

PALS Haven was built completely debt free thanks to the generosity and support of the community. And, with your continued support, we can build sustainability for this amazing facility, and continue to serve our community in an even greater capacity, saving the lives of even more stray and abandoned companion animals, for many, many years to come!


Our Mission

PALS’ Mission: We are dedicated to improving the welfare of companion animals in Lodi and surrounding communities by:

  • Increasing the number of animals adopted
  • Reducing animal suffering
  • Providing the highest level of humane care
  • Reducing the number of surplus companion animals euthanized
PALS Exterior Kennels

Our People

Staffed by a small team of employees, and a dedicated group of volunteers, PALS handles the many challenges of day-to-day operations of an animal rescue and sanctuary, including taking sick animals to the veterinarian, doing home visits for prospective adoptions, walking the dogs, socializing the cats, handling behavioral issues, cleaning the kennels and cages, feeding and grooming, ensuring the overall well-being of the animals at all times, and working hard to find them permanent homes.

It is our love of animals that helps us through the “thick and thin” of keeping a non-profit afloat . . . from endless fundraising to keeping volunteers working to achieve our short and long-term goals. But, when we save a dog or cat’s life, or see one of our animals going to a loving forever home, we know it’s all worth it!